Kenny Rogers Plastic Surgery

Kenny Rogers plastic surgery has put him in the list of male figures who ruined their own face. Can help that the plastic surgery that been done but this singer seems botched his face drastically, But Kenny Rogers plastic surgery is something that never denied by him. The singe remain calm and confident through many said he looks different and awful due too much plastic surgery that been touched his face.

Kenny Rogers Botox
Kenny Rogers Botox


Kenny Rogers Botox injection

Kenny Rogers plastic surgery has making many people wonder. What kind of surgery that makes him looks so different that before. Well let’s be honest that Kenny isn’t kind a hot hunk when he was younger, But he wasn’t ugly too. He even have something special on his face that makes many women fall for him. But right now, he has completely ruined everything, his face might appear younger but it looks tired and bit tighter too. The forehead getting lifted and tighter as indication he gets regular botox injection done. He might also gets another injection in the cheek area to removed some wrinkles that should appeared there. But too much botox actually ruined his appearance. Can’t help but Kenny Rogers plastic surgery is total a mess that has been changed everything about him.