Heart Evangelista Plastic Surgery

Philippine actress Heart Evangelista always deny the speculation which claimed that she had the plastic surgery done. But of course she can’t hide the facts that obviously seen from her face recently. Not only her face which shows us that this Pinoy actress has put herself under the surgery scalpel. Her body shape also shows us that the plastic surgery makeover has been touched it. It means that Heart Evangelista Plastic Surgery is from her head to toe. The result not too bad actually. But people fell impatient with the fact that she always denied having Heart Evangelista plastic surgery procedure.

Heart Evangelista Plastic Surgery Nose job

Heart Evangelista might having nose job surgery to change her bit flatted nose to the sharper one. She used to have but flat nose but it actually not too bad for her. But recently, that nose become so pointed and getting so pinched too. We can say that her nose looks so amazing and suits her face very well too.

Heart Evangelista Nose Job Rhinoplasty
Heart Evangelista Nose Job Rhinoplasty

Cheek implant

Heart Evangelista plumped and more refined facial shape also rumored as the result of Heart Evangelista Plastic Surgery cheek implant procedure. It getting so though and also protruding too. They say that her cheek makes her face looks sexier and getting prettier too.

Heart Evangelista Cheek Implants
Heart Evangelista Cheek Implants

Breast implant

Heart Evangelista also makes herself sexier by having breast implant surgery. Heart Evangelista Plastic Surgery got her rumors when her fame is in peak. Heart Evangelista breast which came from smaller to the medium one. It wasn’t kind the provocative breast anyway. But still shows us the trace of Heart Evangelista breast implant there.

Heart Evangelista Breast Implants Boobs Job
Heart Evangelista Breast Implants Boobs Job

  • Chinee Flores

    1. Eye surgery (not just once)
    2. Cheek implant / botox
    3. Rhinoplasty
    4. Lips
    5. Boob job

    Medyo maliit sya at wala shape ang katawan nya. Me pagka sakang pa ang legs at binti nya. Kaya siguro di siya nakakasama sa fhm. Dinaan na lang sa pa flaunt flaunt ng boobs dahil yun lang ang pinaka asset nya kahit artificial pa. But in fairness ang laki ng iginanda ng mukha nya aftr all these surgeries. Maganda na naman siya nuon.. di lang nakuntento. From chinita naging latina