Kyle MacLachlan Twin Peaks Plastic Surgery

It is Official that legendary thriller crime serial Twin Peaks will be on remake in 2016. Yes, Twin Peaks is now taking scene and in filming process by director David Lynch. One of the most remembered and iconic character is Special Agent Dale Cooper. Dale Cooper is played by Kyle MacLachlan, a handsome and cute man which is the main reason many of his fangirl watch this show. After 25 years legendary Twin Peaks ended, what happens to Kyle MacLachlan? some say that Kyle MacLachlan had plastic surgery especially Botox and facelift to support his comeback role as Special Agent Dale Cooper. Then what Kyle MacLachlan botox and facelift like if he had plastic surgery?

Kyle MacLachlan Botox and Facelift
Kyle MacLachlan Botox and Facelift


As you can see from Kyle MacLachlan before and after picture above, after 25 years of his phenomenal role as Dale Cooper, Kyle MacLachlan still looks handsome, only his hair and skin that make his look seems old. For supporting his appearance, Kyle MacLachlan botox and facelift are needed, it makes Kyle MacLachlan face looks tight and smooth with no sagging and wrinkles, those are why Kyle MacLachlan is rumored having plastic surgery.

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    what happened to his cleft chin?