What Plastic Surgery Has Jeff Goldblum Gotten?

Did Jeff Goldblum have plastic surgery? It’s true, Jeff Goldblum looks hot, but sometimes a little bit of surgery may enhance one’s natural beauty. Below are the rumors, plastic surgery facts, and more!

Who Is Jeff Goldblum?

Jeff Goldblum made his on-screen acting debut with the 1974 film Death Wish. After dozens of more film roles over the next decade, he probably first grabbed to the attention of the wider international audience through his lead role performance in the 1986 hit, The Fly. With his successful acting career spread over multiple decades, Jeff has gone on to star in some of the most successful movies of his era such as Independence Day and Jurassic Park film series. While his prominent work as an actor has come on the big-screen, he has showcased his skills on television as well but mostly in the form of guest appearances. In addition to that, Goldblum has done extensive voice acting work as well and is known for voicing the commercials for mega companies like Apple, Toyota and Procter & Gamble’s. Outside acting, he has held a keen interest in music for years now and after being signed by a record label, Jeff released his debut studio album “The Capitol Studios Sessions” in 2018. In his personal life, the actor has gotten married thrice so far. His current wife is Canadian Olympic gymnast Emilie Livingston who he married in mid-2014.

Plastic Surgery Overview

“I’ve… never used Botox, never had plastic surgery,” Goldblum, then a spritely 63-year-old, told GQ in 2016. “I think when nature changes your face – especially if you live a clean life – your body is designed so it all looks right together. When you try to be youthful, it only makes you look older.” Life finds a way.

Plastic surgery is normal among celebrities in Hollywood. Breast implants and rhinoplasties are nothing new there. Check out the table below to see Jeff Goldblum's plastic surgery history.

Jeff Goldblum - Plastic Surgery Statistics
Rhinoplasty (Nose Job)N/A
Butt ImplantsN/A
Butt LiftN/A
Eyelid SurgeryN/A


Check out these images of Jeff Goldblum. Is there any kind of plastic surgery involved here?

Jeff Goldblum Plastic Surgery Face
The movie actor looks enchanting. It must be a breeze to be the center of attention when boasting such beautiful features as Jeff Goldblum.

Jeff Goldblum Quotes

"No pay, no Goldblum. That's it."

Jeff Goldblum Plastic Surgery ProceduresJeff Goldblum

"I travel for work, but recently, friends said I should take major trips."

Jeff Goldblum Plastic Surgery ProceduresJeff Goldblum

"I love to be directed. They can trust me and go."

Jeff Goldblum Plastic Surgery ProceduresJeff Goldblum

"To be able to always have a super sense of who I was and my own real identity and be petty and seem informed and always thinking in thoughts would be great."

Jeff Goldblum Plastic Surgery ProceduresJeff Goldblum

"It's an important fact of life, war."

Jeff Goldblum Plastic Surgery ProceduresJeff Goldblum